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Boca Raton Garden Club
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   1.   U.S. citizen, full time upperclassman (junior or senior) or graduate student

   2.  The student must be attending any accredited college or university in Florida and must show some "tie" to Palm Beach County - i.e. drivers license, voters card, parents' residential address, etc.)

   3.  A 2.80 GPA is required along with 2 professional references (1 from a professor)

   4.  The applicant must be majoring in any of the earth or marine sciences/ecology:  horticulture, landscape architect, botany, agronomy.

   5.   A 1 to 2 page typed statement of the applicant's goals, projects, research and career aspirations must be enclosed.  Special awards, achievements, and talents should also be enumerated.

   6.   An official transcript is to be enclosed.  All paperwork must meet the deadline of March 23, 2020.


Boca Raton Garden Club Scholarship